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    This Thread is for Hubly Religion Community and all interested to enjoy a chat with one another. It is NOT a debate platform. It is simply a place where Christians can meet with each other daily, leave Bible verses of encouragement, motivational talks, leave prayer requests,offer prayers, provide a listening ear to each other, provide comfort, care for one another, talk about issues of concern and interest, share knowledge, provide love, spiritual and moral support.

    * This is not a platform to discriminate against any religion,belief,culture, tradition or way of life. It is neither a place for others to judge or discriminate against other denomination. ‘All for Christ, Christ for all.’ We respectfully request NL members, guests or any pop-ins to grant us this sanctuary, to discuss and meet in peace and tranquility. It would be appropriate to refrain from using inappropriate language that may offend others.

    Every one that feel that they have anything to offer to be a blessing to this post, or to those posting here, are welcome to do so. If anyone needs advice and prayers for any needs, hurts, pains, unhappiness, illness, unemployment, housing or any other needs than please post here. Anyone that can help that is here at the time just jump right in to assist. This is NOT my thread,but belong to all of us!Drop in every day even just to say hi or only to read. Leave your footprint here in the form of a blessing!

    This is an opportunity to make a new beginning.Start afresh, renew commitments, get enthusiastic and allow the Power of God to move you to new heights!

    Since Hubly is a faceless Forum, it is highly adviseable that people do not share personal photos on this thread or ask anyone out. No one is allowed to talk dirty or romantically on this thread because its not a dating thread.

    If you feel like you want to chat to a sister or a brother about romance then please send that person a PM and discuss your issues off this thread and also do not annoy others, do not discriminate others and do not insult others nomatter who you are.

    Thank you. smiley

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