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    Yesterday, I mentioned how potatoes are always very difficult to peel and cut. Especially that sweet potatoes�

    Well, it doesn’t have to be so bad� cos today’s #tricktuesday I am going to be giving us a simple but very useful trick on how to peel and cut your potatoes easily, whether Irish potatoes or Sweet potatoes.
    I have been using this trick for years and it is just a life saver� because before I got to know this trick, I hated cutting potatoes so badly that I would rather not eat than go through that struggle.
    Now these 5 simple steps are:

    1. Wash your potatoes very well to get rid of the dirt and sand

    2. Use your knife to cut a thin line horizontally across the potatoes
    3. Boil them. When they are ready, drain into a seive.
    4. Get a bowl of ice water, and pour the cooked potatoes into it. Leave it for about 3-5mins.

    5. Drain them out and the skin would pull out easily from the center where you have slitted it before cooking.
    Then you can easily cut into your desired shape without stress.
    Try this out and thank me later�� Don’t learn alone, tag a friend

    Follow me on Instagram @loveinthekichin for more tricks and hacks that will improve your work in the kitchen.

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    Christian Kaosisochukwu

    Nawa oh
    Before I finish doing this, e better I cut am normal way

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