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    Honey as some of you know is a stimulant… Honey serves as an immune booster when taken frequently
    Due to this fact, many are now in the business of selling diluted and fake honey to people in the name of doing business
    Be careful the type of honey you buy out there…
    Doctor Emmanuel is here to give you the best Honey that is tested and trusted… Our honey is 100 % pure and undiluted… its direct from the Honey bee farm…
    Honey is used to treat the following health related cases :
    => cough or catarrh
    => acnes also known as pimples
    => fibroid
    => rheumatism
    => arthritis
    => cancer
    => ulcer
    To mention but a few

    The price is #2000 per bottle

    1 litre ➡️ #2500

    Our delivery service is 100% Guaranteed nationwide
    For those looking for job,Graduates, corpers and the likes or are you looking for an additional income. This is a great oppurtunity while looking for job, you can also venture into this business of selling honey and make a huge profit. Honey business is one of those lucrative business out there with a ready market.You can sell to hospitals,Companies and individuals who makes use of pure honey for various purposes. you will attract a huge market once customers knows you for selling genuine honey.
    Many adults,middle aged men &women do not consume sugar they make use of genuine honey to take palp, garri, e.t.c so the market is huge. currently, a 75cl sells for 2000 to 2500. you can still sells for 1800 & make a good profit.All you need to do is to contact me, i sell to you at a very cheap price then you resell to market women and others. we supply in liters at a very cheap price. we get this honey in large quantity directly from the bush,turn into kegs and sell.

    Telephone ☎ 08092151959

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    Christian Kaosisochukwu


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    Emmanuel Omeje

    Great.will see to that

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