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    Good morning my Impact Breed family. Papa Zion hails thee…. Here signs you see to know you’re slumbering spiritually.

    1. Prayerlessness: In a week that’s 7 days no personal vigil. Something is wrong in that condition. Prayerlessness include weak praying, inconsistent praying and not praying enough.

    2. Justifying your sins: Why are you making excuses for your sins? Have you started saying, God understands! Watch it!

    3. Secret defeats: What happening to your secret life? Have you lost your power to shut down the voice of your sexual urge? Have you started visiting him secretly? How about secret pornography? Watch it!

    4. Difficulty to pray in tongues: To pray in the spirit has become boring and lifeless to you? You can’t charge your spirit again. Be careful!

    5. Inordinate comfort: Excessive eating. Have excessive drinking. No more fasting. Excessive sleeping. Addiction to games. Watching movies for hours.

    6. Strange associations: Who are the new friends you just met? Friends that are introducing you to boyfriends and girlfriends. Flirts and fun seekers. Check your association.

    7. Discomfort with spiritual rebukes: You’re so totally uncomfortable with spiritual rebukes and chastening. Any teaching against your lukewarmness irritates you. Check yourself! Is that why you Impact Breed group?

    If you noticed any of these quickly go for counselling, retreat and spiritual check up! Spiritual slumber always precede spiritual death.
    With love form Papa Zion….

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